Scott Butner Photography | About
I have been taking photographs for more than 40 years. My first professional photography job included 3 seasons as team photographer for the Seattle Seahawks and Seattle Sounders during the 1976-79 seasons. I then set aside professional photography to pursue a career in environmental research, which brought me to the Tri Cities area. I retired from Pacific NW National Lab in 2013 after 29 years, eager to resume photography as a full-time undertaking. Since re-entering professional photography, I have developed a solid reputation as an outstanding studio photographer who excels at capturing his subjects moods and personalities.

I take great pride in being a technically and creatively versatile photographer, who is aware of current trends and fashions, but not bound to them. If it's true that "every picture tells a story" -- shouldn't you make sure that the story you're telling is your own?

Let me help you tell your story in photos, the way you want it told.

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